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A worker walks through an onion field to remove large rocks before a large mechanical harvester runs over to harvest yellow onions from a field near Olathe Colo., October 20, 2023

Uinta Basin Railway could send 10 trains per day through remote Ruby Canyon, Palisade orchard country

The Colorado River flows through Grand Junction Colo., on the Western Slope.

Colorado's Largest Body of Water, Blue Mesa, rebounds from historic drought

Wearing out tires

Don Coram runs to unseat Lauren Boebert


Deep inside the Gunnison Tunnel

The 120-year-old, 5.8-mile tunnel was the largest irrigation tunnel in the country when it opened in 1909. It was also the first major transmountain diversion in the U.S., becoming a model for moving Western water beneath mountains, connecting wet basins with dry deserts.

Today, the Gunnison Tunnel can move more than 500,000 acre-feet of water a year, more than the entire Eastern Slope draws from the Upper Colorado River Basin.



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