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Colorado’s Western Slope is a beautifully rich and diverse area of the American West encompassing the entire region of Colorado west of the Continental Divide.

Here, generations of people forge a life from the high mesas and plains to the small hamlets within the towering Rocky Mountains.  

A new, online photography exhibition entitled Picturing Western Slope has launched with the goal to chronicle life, landscape, and diversity of the region through storytelling pictures.

The Western Slope encompasses about 38 percent of Colorado’s landmass, yet contains just under 11 percent of the state's population. The Western Slope's economic identity has centered on farming, ranching, energy extraction, mining, and tourism. 

The Western Slope has about 70 percent of the state's water as tributaries flow from the high mountains to rivers like the Colorado River that flow out of state. Western Slope water contributes to a wide variety of crops, fruit orchards, wine vineyards, and much more. 

Picturing Western Slope is a not-for-profit, online educational exhibit. Pictures displayed in the exhibition are all made within the 22-county region identified as Colorado’s Western Slope. 

The project has begun accepting submissions. Please visit the website (link in the bio) to learn more about submitting pictures. 

All are welcome here.