Coal miner Mike Synder photographed at the Oxbow mine in Somerset Colorado.


Richard Avedon photographed coal miners in Somerset Colorado in 1979. I was assigned a story there about the coal industry in 2009, some 30 years later, with an attempt to pay tribute. I arrived early and toured the mine. Just before quitting time, I hung two large white panels just outside where the miners clock out for the day. Mike Synder was the first volunteer, I never had to pose them, they are photographed as they presented themselves to me that day. This body of work is dedicated to the men and women who work underground and was for years, unpublished, until now.

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For decades, rural outliers of southwest Colorado have lived through the boom and bust cycles of the uranium industry.

I have worked throughout these areas over the years recording life as it relates to this mineral.

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Selections from nearly two-decades of traveling the American West documenting the pursuit of natural gas.

Flaring natural gas burns under heavy smoke from the Pine Gulch Fire near Parachute Colo, 2020.

Natural gas wells dot the landscape throughout Garfield County Colorado.